Boro Fondo is a non-profit cycling, music and arts festival in Murfreesboro, TN that focuses on enriching the local musical and artistic communities while promoting pedestrian safety...and maybe also having a little fun.

How do you "Boro Fondo?"

Boro Fondo is Tennessee’s only free all-ages cycling, arts and music festival. Held every April in the college town of Murfreesboro, the festival seeks to bring hundreds of bikes to the streets while  strengthening the pedestrian and artistic communities of Middle Tennessee.

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The Boro Fondo Mission

Our Philosophy:

We believe that the music and art of this area belongs to the members of this community. We hope to expose people to new avenues of local culture they may have been unaware of while simoultaneously bringing awareness to the local cycling community and promoting pedestrian safety.

How it Works:

We all meet up in one place at the beginning of the main day of the festival -- usually one of the local bike shops. We ride to the first location en mass. After a leisurely bike ride with 500-1,000 other cyclists, you can take in art from a local artist who is exhibiting while 2-3 bands play a 25 minute set each. This process repeats itself until the wee hours of the morning -- usually resulting in 10-12 stops full of music, art and more!


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