About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that Murfreesboro is a unique and fertile ground for art of all kinds. We hope to expose people to new avenues of local culture that they may have been unaware of while simultaneously bringing awareness to the local cycling community and promoting pedestrian safety.

Our Story

Boro Fondo was born to continue the tradition of a previous festival known as “Tour de Fun”.  From 2010-2012 “Tour de Fun” existed at the confluence of two strong grassroots communities in Murfreesboro, the DIY music scene and the bicycle community.  The result was an incredible and unique festival, part DIY show and part critical mass.  After the 2012 festival the original founder Tyler Walker relocated to Nashville proper.  A group of people involved with the festival felt that it was something special to Murfreesboro and wanted to see it continue, thus Boro Fondo was born in the tradition of European cycling festivals. The cast of organizers has fully turned over multiple times throughout the years, but the spirit of the festival remains the same as the day it was conceived.

How it Works:

Usually there is a pre-party on friday night to get warmed up with a handful of bands in a normal show setting.  Then on saturday we all meet up at the first stop. Everyone watches a few bands while the crowd is gathering.  Sometimes there are refreshments.  Then we all ride to the next location en masse. After a leisurely bike ride you can take in visual art and vendor displays while 2-3 bands play short sets in quick succession. Then we all ride to the next stop.  This process repeats itself until the wee hours of the morning, followed by a hangover fest on sunday to unwind and recooperate in a stationary location.

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