Covid-19 Strikes Again…


Covid-19 Strikes Again…

Fondo #8 will be Sept 25th, 2021.

This year, Fondo is going online!

*Cue Dial-Up Noises*

For obvious reasons, we here at Boro Fondo think that it is only right to postpone in-person, humansphere Fondo until next fall. Thus…

Fondo #8 will be the weekend of September 25th, 2021.

Some form of Fondo has occurred in Murfreesboro every year for nearly a decade, and much like many other aspects of 2020, the streets will seem hollow without it.

The Fondo staff feel that even if it is legally possible to have Fondo this fall, it is morally irresponsible, and if one single Fondonian got sick or (Fondo forbid) died because of Fondo, we would never be able to live with ourselves. It is just not worth it.

Besides, that just gives us more time to plan and fundraise to make Fondo 2021 one heck of a hootenanny. Take that Covid-19, you rude little nerfhearder!


As for this year…


On September 26th, instead of astral plane Fondo, we will be hosting Fondo online, featuring YOU.

If you play in a band, are a solo artist, do cool visual art, are a dancer, do stand-up comedy, stand on a your head and suck on lemons, are a performing actor, noise artist, are an undercover librarian DJ, or just normal DJ, do drag shows, smash watermelons Gallagher style, play a kazoo with your feet or whatever really…

Send us a 5-20 minute video to be a part of the BORO FONDO VIRTUAL TELETHON EXTRAVAGANZA!

Video submissions can be sent to and are due on September 14th, 2020.

If you do not have the capability to make a decent video on your own, contact us and we MIGHT be able to make arrangements to help record your set.

We are still working out the technical details of the livestream, but we will be in touch soon with a link and instructions to watch Fondo 2020 from the comfort of your own home and/or bicycle from anywhere in the world.

Follow/like us on Facebook and Instagram for more information as it becomes available.

Thanks again for making Fondo a community staple year after year. We love you all. <3


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